Learn How to Print on Burlap

So… I finally got my hands on freezer paper!
I figured I would try to use my freezer paper to print on some burlap… did you know you can print on material with some printers?


  1. I keep finding DIY PROJECTS on Pinterest ....when I open the project it is this website and has apson in the corner whos blog it came from ie;About me: Alice Race But then thereis nowhere to click toget the instructions...just 2 arrows that both take you to ads.Newer post and older post does the same thing...am i missing something?

    1. this can be so frustrating-
      but in this case, click on "source"

  2. Hi Alice
    I don't see any instructions on this page for printing on burlap. I assume that the freezer paper stablizes the burlap when it is ironed on. Do you run it through your printer after you have set up your words?